Microsoft selling a commercial version of its Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro


Microsoft first introduced its Surface Laptop in May 2017 sporting a new version of Windows 10 branded with an “S.” Both had students in mind, with the operating system locking app installs to products only served up in the Microsoft Store, and limitations to how end-users can change settings. But the Surface Laptop is more than just a tool for students, and the limitations of Windows 10 S are simply unacceptable in a corporate environment. That’s why Microsoft now offers the Commercial Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro. 

Comparing the two available Surface Laptops, the only differences reside in the memory amount, color, operating system options, and starting price. The commercial version doesn’t include a 4GB memory option, making its $1,099 starting price slightly higher than the mainstream $999 starting point. The commercial version also doesn’t provide the Graphite Gold color option, but it does offer Windows 10 Pro alongside Windows 10…

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